At Irwin we aspire to learn and be well so we have opportunity for every tomorrow.



  • Each of us is competent, curious, innovative
  • We have the right to a safe, caring, inclusive environment
  • We all benefit from partnership and collaboration



Irwin Memorial Public School is situated in the Township of Lake of Bays and the village of Dwight.  Students attend the school from a wide geographical area including the Highway 60 and Highway 35 corridors and the village of Dorset in Haliburton County.  The school has been a focal point of the community for the past 52 years.

Irwin has a unique and beautiful environment, set on 22 acres of property with a substantial forested area the heart of the community.  The current skating rink structure which is located on Trillium Lakelands District School Board property has a long history of serving both the community and the school.  The rink, the school yard and the school itself are used for a variety of community events such as the Dwight Winter Carnival.  A beautiful trail system serves the school as a cross country running trail, a cross country ski trail, a walking path and a place of exploration for all.   The school yard and trail system is routinely utilized by both the community and area visitors during the summer season.  As well, a summer day camp program run by the Township of Lake of Bays takes advantage of the school setting. In the past, a tennis court located on the property was also utilized by the students and the community.



Irwin Memorial Public School sits across from the Community Centre and Municipal Office. Centralization of rural schools in 1956 relocated the school on property donated by H. E. Irwin’s daughter, Lorraine Hamilton. Following the fire that destroyed the Municipal office located in the old schoolhouse, the Township rebuilt across from the school, adjacent to the Township Public Works yard, with both an office and a new community centre. The Dwight Library was originally situated inside the Irwin School through a joint agreement with the Township and the Muskoka Board of Education. In 1983, the library relocated to the former Municipal office next to the current Post Office and was open for four hours a week in winter, six in summer. In 1994, a new library was constructed adjacent to the Community Centre and is now well-positioned as an important hub for community involvement, learning and enrichment.

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At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Irwin, Toronto, on July 22, the marriage was solemnized of their daughter, Miss Loraine Irwin, to Lieut. Henry Sidney Hamilton, 2nd Battalion, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Coulthard, of Hamilton, formerly of Sault Ste. Marie. Lieut. Hamilton, who was formerly on the staff of the late Major- General Mercer, uncle of the bride, was one of the first Canadians to be wounded in this war. Recently he was wounded a second time. He is returning to the front immediately.

Saturday August 19, 1916.  For more information, please refer to The Great Canadian War Project.