Olympic Day at Irwin

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The 2018 Olympic slogan is “Passion. Connected.” These are powerful words to aspire to and at Irwin we used this special day to encourage each other to that end. 

Our Grade 6/7 student leaders led teams in our Birds of Prey groups throughout their day. They made signs and supported the littles and bigs to have an incredible day filled with laughter, new experiences, and team cheers. 

Our Grade 8 leaders facilitated and did all the set-up and tear-down of each station(e.g., monster bowling, curling, snow-cross, biathlon, bobsled, team ski, hot chocolate with positive messages written on each cup, hockey, and broom ball). They demonstrated leadership by problem-solving in the moment to ensure success for all, motivating teams, and encouraging teamwork. 

Our parent community again went above and beyond to provide a hot chilli lunch(gluten free and vegetarian options) to all. They also worked behind the scenes purchasing fabric for our team headbands, making gold medals for all, maintaining a campfire for community building, taking photos, and being an extra set of hands to support as needed throughout the day. We see time after time how our parent community will do anything to support our kids and school communty.

Our staff worked as one to plan, organize, facilitate and bring it all together. This team has huge hearts and are all in it for the kids. 

Thanks to all! Olympic Day was another example of how we at Irwin come together to provide opportunity for all our students to thrive.